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The Litecoin MimbleWimble December Update and Dev Fund Reaches $18k.


David Burkett the lead developer on the Litecoin MimbleWimble proposal has just published his december update documenting the work done over the last month and expanding on his initial progress report in Novemeber.

“After months of planning, development of the mimblewimble extension block has officially started! My efforts this month focused mostly around restructuring the core logic that will be shared between Grin++ and LTC. This involves all of the logging, serialization, crypto, error handling, and common data structures (headers/blocks/txs).”
“Most of this was already written for Grin++, but since some parts were hurriedly coded on a tight time schedule, I’m using this opportunity to go over every line with a fine-tooth comb. As part of this, I’m standardizing patterns that were originally followed inconsistently, backfilling missing tests, and adding better documentation.”

Burkett furthermore goes onto write and layout his priorities going forward and into January. These include, settling on a build method for the project, potentially a ‘simplified version libbitcoin’s build system’ as well as defining models, fields and serialisation formatting of headers, kernels and signatures. Also on the todo list for January is to move ‘database implementations over to libmw-core, cleanup to match new standards, and add full tests’. Additionally work will commence on a mechanism that would allow for faster syncing of the Grin chain, something that will lay the ground work for Litecoin Core’s proposal.

That work can be followed as it happens in the following repos LibMW-Core and LibMW-ltc

David Burkett is publicly funded by the community with Litecoin Creator Charlie lee doing a donation match each month. To date the money raised as of writing, has reached Ł416.51136 and ₿ 0.02822534 valued at $18,482.95 with David receiving $6,000 each month from this fund. Anybody looking to donate can find the funding article along with project addresses here.


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