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Nvidia accelerates enterprise adoption of generative AI

There will be three Foundations services at launch, still in limited access or private preview for now: NeMo for generating text, Picasso for visuals, and BioNeMo for molecular structures. Each offering will include pre-trained models, data processing frameworks, personalization databases, inference engines, and APIs that enterprises can access from a browser, Nvidia said.

Generative AI in action

Financial data provider Morningstar is already studying how it can use test-based NeMo to extract useful information about markets from raw data, drawing on the expertise of its staff to tune the models, according to Nvidia.

The Picasso service will enable enterprises to train models to generate custom images, videos, and even 3D models in the cloud. Nvidia is partnering with Adobe to deliver such generative capabilities inside Adobe’s tools for creative professionals such as Photoshop and After Effects.

Nvidia is seeking to clean up graphical generative AI’s reputation for playing fast and loose with the rights of the artists and photographers on whose works the models are trained. There are concerns that using such models to create derivative work could expose enterprises to lawsuits for breach of copyright. Nvidia hopes to allay those concerns by striking a licensing deal with stock image library Getty Images, which says it will pay royalties to artists on revenue generated by models trained on the works in its database.

Nvidia is working with another library, Shutterstock, to train Picasso to create 3D models in response to text prompts based on licensed images in its database. These 3D designs will be available for use in industrial digital twins running on Nvidia’s Omniverse platform.

The third AI Foundations service, BioNeMo, deals not in words and images but in molecular structures. Researchers can use it to design new molecules and predict their behavior. Nvidia is targeting it at pharmaceutical firms for drug discovery and testing, fine-tuning it with proprietary data. It named biotechnology company Amgen as one of the first users of the service.

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